Portrait of elegant businessman concentrated on something

Portrait of elegant businessman concentrated on something

There is an old saying, “It’s the suit that makes the man,” but at Alterations by Tam, we believe what makes a great suit is the expert tailoring and custom fit by our talented seamstresses.

Set an appointment today for an expert fitting.









Whether you are attending a wedding as the groom or best man, it’s important to look your best; but weddings are not the only reason to wear a tuxedo…

Fly off to in style, looking like a one of the brat pack in your custom tailored tuxedo.






Slacks & Jeans

torn jeansWhen you need the perfect fit, our skilled staff will take your measurements and provide expert tailoring for your slacks and jeans.

We offer the following services:

  • Repair
  • Altering
  • Patching
  • Original hem                                                     

Leisure Clothing

A young guy in casual looking at camera

A young guy in casual looking at camera

Casual and leisurewear do not always fit correctly right off the hanger, and affordable alterations can turn everyday clothing into your great style.

Once your clothes are professionally tailored, you’ll find:


  • They fit better.
  • They look better.
  • They will last longer.



Sport Jackets & Coats

iStock_young man casual wear or sports jacket_MediumOur talented staff will examine your coat or sports jacket and provide a quote for hole repair or relining if needed.









iStock_military uniform_MediumWe provide military, law enforcement, medical and school uniform alterations to include rank, buttons, patches and other repairs as needed.


We thank our soldiers and law enforcement

for serving and protecting.






There are many variations in sizes, material types, linings, structure, complexities, and so forth we cannot list or quote prices without measurements and seeing the item to be altered or repaired. If you call for a hem or cuff or similar price, please know if a price is given, it will be for the lowest estimate, and a final price will be provided after taking measurement and examining the article for alteration or repair.